VfL Wolfsburg v FC Bayern Munich

Dude, nice recap. You had me right up until the bring back LvG, get rid of Gomez line. You just couldn’t stop yourself. Pretty funny. We all have our issues.

I think Gomez is going through something like growing pains again. I don’t think he’s a vey quick study, if you know what I mean. Maybe, JH is trying to get him to be a lay-off player for Kroos, et al, because he is expecting the heavy pressure from the CBs after last years success. He’s a marked man as it were. Whereas last year, you’re right, LvG put Schweini at his service entirely for awhile until he got his confidence and figured out what he was supposed to do. So far this year, to be fair the team has not been getting quality crosses to him in the air. Which also should be and seams to be part of the overall plan to beat the deep lying defensive tactics.

I also noticed the difference in Schweini’s game just from watching the extended highlights on the Bayern homepage. He was in a lot of plays with the ball at his feet around the box. He almost walked straight up the middle on one run. And, he definitely links up well with Ribery. They did it more a couple of years ago when MvB was still playing during the run up to the CL final. Then, there was also his effort midweek with the National team. He’s getting into gear. He’s not used to coming off a break, it’s been a few years.

I was curious about Gustavo’s play during the game. I’ve been on the Tymo thing for awhile, but obviously JH knows more about the situation than I. I wonder if (and please excuse the pseudo psychology) maybe Schweini needs to trust Gustavo more and be willing to push out of the CDM caretaker/support role. Let Gustavo clean up behind him while he goes marauding up front like he did with MvB. Ultimately, that’s what I want to see. I just thought that Tymo would help make it happen. I like and respect Tymo, but if Gustavo is up to the job, JH can build on his youth. It’s better for everbody, but sucks for Tymo. Hopefully, he’ll hang around in case of injury, or youthful slump for Gustavo. I still think his experience will help long term in three competitions.

olic was involved in the goal. He made a deep run, received a pass from Ribery and got to the line which pulled the whole defense in on the near post and Ribery. then he was able to still beat them with the pass back to Ribery. He’s got to be encouraged with his first run out after that. that stuff is bread and butter for him. Also, I noticed Usami could have scored a dream goal with a little flick in front of goal. That would have been very nice to see from a 19 yr old player on loan in his BL debut. Finally, what is up with the Robben injury? I haven’t seen anything other than a groin/back problem statement? He should have been the sub instead of Usami. Mueller may not look so flashy on the wing, but as you said, he’s tenacious and it wears down defenders. Which is why I think Robben would be a great supersub. Let him run at a defender who is a step off already. Instead of starting him when the defenders can hustle from the beginning and muscle him out. I have serious doubts whether Robben would be able to accept the role though.