How to Stop Being a Shy Guy – And Start Dating Girls Now!

Being a shy guy can be nice, and some girls can find it quite cute and adorable. But to most girls, the more aggressive men with strong personality and having a way with women will always be far more appealing and attractive than the rest. When you can’t help but be a shy guy (and I won’t blame you for that) then maybe it’s prime time we need to get you a little attitude makeover – and actually start dating girls now! It’s all in the mind my friend – but don’t worry, we won’t perform any brain surgery. Just a few tips on how to stop being a shy guy – here’s how: กลุมลับ

  • Do it alone. The more you seek help with someone else or letting a friend do all the work – nothing’s going to happen to you. It pays to solo – come on, how hard is it if you do it yourself? Experiences are good mentors and the more you open yourself with experience, the more confidence you’ll build. So grow some balls!
  • Maintain eye contact. Looking her in the eye can do you good, believe me – it will keep you focused and will make you look far more relaxed and in control than you’re actually feeling, If you can be able to maintain eye contact, it means you’re self-assured and confident.
  • Don’t stammer. Go easy on the compliments – but keep the conversation going. Don’t be too caught up or think too much of what to say next – just ride the tides and go with the flow. Know how to manage yourself in front of a girl. I know we can’t help but all excited and overwhelmed in her presence but you just have to keep calm.
  • Keep talking. Don’t bore her – and don’t stare too much at your shoes. She may want to hear what you want to say and she’s probably excited someone’s asking her out – so grab this rare opportunity! Don’t try to be too smooth and pretend that you’re someone else – you will slip sooner or later.
  • Stay cool and have fun. Stop trying to be too paranoid of the results – detach yourself from the outcome and know how to have fun. That’s the whole point anyway. When you start to learn how to loosen up and have a great time, you’ll slowly crawl out of shell and finally say goodbye to all your shy days at last!

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